"always striving to be a better version of myself"

Hey there! I'm Micki! Some things I am passionate about include, thrifting (legit, people offer me money to go find things for them) and I almost considered making it a "professional job". But as of now it's just one of my hobbys as I run the most amazing wellness community of women as my full time gig. I am obsessed with self growth, self love, my kids, my husband, essential oils, and I am always striving to be a better version of myself. I enjoy getting oiled up and sipping cocktails on the weekends (something I look forward too ;)) I love connecting with like minded individuals and rising others up, I'm always surrounding myself with incredibly positive people- it's kinda my thing. 
Thanks for stopping by my blog! There is something about surrounding yourself with like minded souls, and I hope you can connect with me on some levels. I would love to connect with you! Shoot me an email! 

"just a gal surviving mom life, obsessed with all things wellness, essential oils, and self care"

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